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    I've got few suggestions that would make game a little more player friendly 1. Increasing max amount of potions from 15 to 50 ? or 100 ? 2. Show spots on minimap - if you can check them on web, it's just additional time to find them. 3. Lower quest items drop rate - Scroll of emperor and Broken Sword dropped after 2 mins of farming. Marlon quest items dropped from every mob.
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    Hi, when i active the Darkness skill on battlefield this work good but a certain time this stop, the buff disappear and have to wait to recharged 50 AG to active again. In that time the Summoner stop the attack and can't use any skill with curse, like example the Explosion don't need AG but can't use because Darkness buff is off... PD: Sorry by my bad english... I just trying explain.
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    Hello, found 2 issues (before i died like really quick haha.. BLUE: Some sort of HTML format issue. RED: Language/Grammar issue. It should be "Chaos Castle Initialization in (12 seconds)" or "Chaos Castle Starts in (12 seconds)"
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    It means it is 100 Codes for 50 Chaos Coins!
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    [FIXED] Mount hitbox. Pentagrams bonus options. [Characters] Fixed value for RF skill: Spirit Hook ( (Vit RF type, Ruud Skill) [Drop] Mini Bosses added to drop list: Bless of Light (Low Grade) to: Ice Quuen Gorgon Barlog Hydra Bless of Light (Low Grade) & Bless of Light (Middle Grade) to: Zaikan Hero Mutant Omega Wing Axl Hero Gigas Golem Zombie Fighter (hero) Resurrected Gladiator (hero) Ash Slaughterer (hero) Cruel Blood Assassin (hero) Ruthless Lava Giant (hero) Bless of Light (Greater) to: Deep Dungeon Gorgon Change in drop form Elemental Capsule : (drop in Acheron Guardian Event) Erttels (All types) Elemental Powder (2~15) Elemental Rune (2~5) Blessing of Spirit x1 Expansion Scroll Radiance Ancient Icarus Scroll Empire Guardians' Strongh Kundun's Magic Spell Scro Kundun's Madness Blade Arca's Prophecy Antonia's Sword [Gold/Silver Medals] Now possible drop items +7 [Card Piece ] Drop incrased [Bosses Nix, Ferea, God of Darkness] Added to drop: Shiny Earring Box (Left) Shiny Earring Box (Right) [Boss God of Darkness] (very low chance) Added to drop: Ghost Horse Capsule [Events] Added ,,Lost Guard Event'' Prize: 2 Goblin Points Event will be hosting by Game Masters/Admins Survival Event prizes Incrased: 1st place, from 3GP to 5 GP 2nd place, from 2GP to 3 GP 2rd place, from 1GP to 2 GP Thief Of Points Event prize incrased: 1st place, from 5GP to 10 GP [Misc] Added Global Notice for Marry System Changed fonts size for all Global Notices [Starter Pack] Added: Guardian Angel 1 Day HP and Mana potions Wizard's Ring 1 Day Ruby Necklace 1 Day Worn Horseshoe 1 Day [Cash Shop] Added for Goblin Points: Lethal Wizard's Ring Sapphire Ring Ruby Ring Topaz Ring" Amethyst Ring Ruby Necklace Emerald Necklace Sapphire Necklace Seal of Wealth [Monster] Nix - Elemenatal def/dmg decrased Core Maggrify - Elemenatal def/dmg decrased [NPC Shops] Small changes is shops: Lorencia Devias Elbeland Noria Best regards, LOC Team
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    Glad to help mate! Looking forward your next reports! Greetings, @darky
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    Yep, works now. Sorry for the fuzz. 🙂
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    @Creedy3. Drop rate for all Quest items decrased by 50%, please drop feedback!
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    @AuroraCombat Quiver already added to drop from Silver/Gold Medals.
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