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    Hello, found 2 issues (before i died like really quick haha.. BLUE: Some sort of HTML format issue. RED: Language/Grammar issue. It should be "Chaos Castle Initialization in (12 seconds)" or "Chaos Castle Starts in (12 seconds)"
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    I've got few suggestions that would make game a little more player friendly 1. Increasing max amount of potions from 15 to 50 ? or 100 ? 2. Show spots on minimap - if you can check them on web, it's just additional time to find them. 3. Lower quest items drop rate - Scroll of emperor and Broken Sword dropped after 2 mins of farming. Marlon quest items dropped from every mob.
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    @Creedy3. Drop rate for all Quest items decrased by 50%, please drop feedback!
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    @AuroraCombat Quiver already added to drop from Silver/Gold Medals.
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