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  1. Hello, found 2 issues (before i died like really quick haha.. BLUE: Some sort of HTML format issue. RED: Language/Grammar issue. It should be "Chaos Castle Initialization in (12 seconds)" or "Chaos Castle Starts in (12 seconds)"
  2. Good change, I got the scroll before change efter first monster kill (Yes actually FIRST D3 monster kill haha). And the tear I got after 5-10 kills 😛
  3. Hello, the following code does not give the points/coins.
  4. Some bugs and a suggestion. 1. Countdown timer is broken. 2. Guild list should have a SELECT guilds where name =! admin/team/gm 3. LetsEncrypt is free, i strongly suggest getting a TLS certificate for the site.
  5. Yep, works now. Sorry for the fuzz. 🙂
  6. Hi, no I did not. Let me test again.
  7. Hellow, didn't find a forum for bugs, so I'll make one here. Just messing about after creating an account this function doesn't seem to work:
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