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  1. Dear MUtizens New event coming soon - start tomorrow! More info on the picture!
  2. darky

    Hallowen Event

    As i promised there is a Goblin Points code. Just for You 🙂 Code: thanks-for-the-nice-artwork You can reedem code on the website! Best regards, @darky
  3. Hello, im gonna check it. Thank you for the report!
  4. Dear MUtizens! Our goal now is to spread the word of the Land of Chaos further! We want to bring likeminded people together, and hopefully grow into one of the greatest communities in the Mu Online genre. In order to do this, we want to reward you, the player. If /we/ succeed, we want /you/ to grow together with us! Hence; introducing "Community Goals" A reward system that; rewards /YOU/ the player by helping us grow at the same time. So... we are glad to introduce our new upcoming Community Goal system, the list below will expand as we come up with new interesting ideas. List below: GOAL: 100 Online players. - REWARD: Drop +10% and 10% EXP for 7 days for Everyone Unlock Giveaway on our discord wth prizes: 10 Codes 200 Chaos Coins 10 Codes 300 Goblin Points 5x 7 day VIP GOAL: 150 Online players. - REWARD: Drop +15% and 15% EXP for 7 days for Everyone Unlock Giveaway on our discord wth prizes: 10 Codes 200 Chaos Coins 10 Codes 300 Goblin Points 5x 7 days VIP GOAL: 50 Registred Accounts by Reflinks & 50 Registred Accounts on Forum - REWARD: +15% EXP for 7 days for Everyone! Unlock Giveaway on our Discord wth prizes: 5 Codes 200 Chaos Coins 5 Codes 300 Goblin Points 5x 3 days VIP List will be continiously updated. 🙂 Best Regards, @darky
  5. Dear MUtizens, 💬 ENG Finally after a some time, BETA stage is finished! Currently we are working under fresh start which will be tomorrow - as planned - 11AM (Brazil) 2PM (UTC +0) 4PM (Poland) 8PM (Philippines) 9PM (Vietnam) Till that time, register is opened - create your account now! Logging into gameserver is currently disabled, will be enabled in the right time. 💬 ESP Finalmente, después de un tiempo, ¡la etapa BETA ha terminado! Actualmente estamos trabajando en un nuevo comienzo que será mañana, como estaba previsto, 11AM (Brazil) 2PM (UTC +0) 4PM (Poland) 8PM (Philippines) 9PM (Vietnam) Hasta ese momento, se abre el registro: ¡cree su cuenta ahora! El inicio de sesión en el servidor de juegos está actualmente deshabilitado, se habilitará en el momento adecuado. 💬 POR Finalmente, depois de algum tempo, a etapa BETA está finalizada! Atualmente estamos trabalhando em um novo começo que será amanhã - conforme planejado 11AM (Brazil) 2PM (UTC +0) 4PM (Poland) 8PM (Philippines) 9PM (Vietnam) Até esse momento, o registro está aberto - crie sua conta agora! O login no servidor de jogos está desativado no momento, será ativado no momento certo. ESP and POR languages will be translated automatically until we will find moderators. Regards, @darky
  6. Glad to help mate! Looking forward your next reports! Greetings, @darky
  7. Hello. Created and moved to "report a bug" section. Could you tell me, if you createda any character before you voted? 🙂 Greetings, @darky
  8. No, we will not do that kind of adjust. It would made some builds e.g. on Castle Siege immortal. Will not be changed to 50 or 100, but can be slighty improved in the future e.g. +/- 5 potions. We don't want to have a Press-the-Q-Button contest 🙂 Not all spots are in the spots topic - just the basic ones. Explore the Land of Chaos to get the fastest way to grow up 🙂 Will be done soon, we need to find out which rate would fit here perfectly. @darky
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