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  1. Hi, yesterday I just joined to the discord. How can I claim the code to redeem the 200 chaos coins? Thx
  2. Hi guys I just have a question. Have you any scheduled maintenance? I ask because sometimes when I let my character on battlefield the server get froze and lost connection and when automatic this reconnect my character appears in safe zone. I don't know if you are working in that moment or the server have something that is not working good, but I see this very often, and is not because some mobs kill my character or pk. I'm playing when that happens, even is not my network.
  3. Nice! now Explosion skill work good without consume AG. Thanks by the support guys.
  4. Yes Darkness working longer as usually. Berserker takes longer but a bit less that Darkness, I think is ok and acceptable. Thanks by the support.
  5. Hi checking skills on Summoner again I find other bug. This time Explosion skill consume AG and this skill no have to consume this. If you check in normal circumstances Explosion only consume a bit Mana and have cooldown to be used. Thank you by your support, Regards.
  6. Yes Darkness takin a bit longer, but normal circumstances that no happen... I know that AG recovery in master lvl should be help, but I say the skill is broken same with Berserker. Thx anyway.
  7. Could be about the defense case, because is really bad defense the Summoner. But the case of Darkness and Berserker skills that stop working is not normal. Both skills when have been activated no need activated again on battlefield, except relog, die, change some maps, and another circumstances... Just check both skills are up when you used, but wait some minutes and you will see that both stop working, off course if you use Berserker can't use Darkness, I just see that both need 50 AG to be activated again and that's the problem, by example: If you are on battlefield with fast respawn of mobs and you active Berserker and you main skill to kill is Lightning Shock at the beginning of battle works good, but wait some minutes and you will see that Berserker disappear... Lightning shock need 7 AG and the so how you go to activate again Berserker that need 50 AG?... If you really use summoner you can see...
  8. This skill works good at beginning on battlefield, but after certain time stop working and can't use again because almost all skills of summoner are with AG and this skill like Darkness need 50 AG to be activated.
  9. Hi testing Berserker skill, have the same problem. This skill stop working and can't use... both skills have longs buff and don't need to be reused except if move on safe zones or relog...
  10. Hi again, I'm just was testing and watching the skill Darkness and find another bug with the increase defense. Visual is ok appears that have more defense, but on battlefield not work. I just tested with others characters that have less defense and the mobs hit less that the Summoner using the Darkness skill. IGN: Cuarzo
  11. Hi again, thanks for resolve the crash when use switch mode as the last post. Now I see another problem, when i am in party can't use the assign helper, when I try to use it, this keep unavailable, so I can't move the rest of members in the party to better spot. I know that this is not an emergency, well not for me, but maybe you can take in consideration for future fix. Thank you.
  12. Hi, when i active the Darkness skill on battlefield this work good but a certain time this stop, the buff disappear and have to wait to recharged 50 AG to active again. In that time the Summoner stop the attack and can't use any skill with curse, like example the Explosion don't need AG but can't use because Darkness buff is off... PD: Sorry by my bad english... I just trying explain.
  13. Hi as tittle, when I use the switch mode pressing Control+f, the game just close and can't use that mode. Any reason? Thx
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