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  1. [Starter Pack] Added Lucky Cards Tier 2 for all characters Incrased Panda and Panda Ring duration [Cash Shop] Added: Seed Sphere Capsules Ruud Boxes Elemental Capules [General] Talismans of Accesion I - EXP reduction from 50% boost to 25% Talismans of Accesion I - EXP reduction from 100% boost to 50% Talismans of Accesion I - EXP reduction from 200% boost to 100% [Drop] Excelen Items drop on spots incrased Jewels general drop incrased Heart of Love drop incrased Jewewel of Sould and Bless added to drop CC Event Mithrill Fragments drop incrased [Ruud Shop] BloodAngel set's price decrased from 50k to 35k RUUD
  2. Added to xshop. /Theard closed
  3. [FIX] Random dc problem - fixed (if the problem persists, please report) Gift option in our x-shop -fixed [Added] Custom command ,,DC Friend'' /dcfriend <character_name> <passowrd> [Characters] [Summoner] Explosion skill consume AG - fixed Darkness skill - fixed [Dark Wizard] Can attack while teleporting. [Drop] Mithrill Fragment - drop incrased Great Golden Dragon - fixed drop from this monster Large Healing /Mana Potions (stack 5) added to drop all maps Missconfigs in drop [Web] Server details on the main website(http://arena.mu-loc.com/info) Droplist on our web (http://arena.mu-loc.com/droplist/index.html)
  4. Please follow it, we made fix for that today. If it will be repeat please drop info! Thanks!
  5. @Minerals Solved. Please check , thanks!
  6. @Mineralsplease check now. It lshould now working fine. If no please report again thanks!
  7. We will try fix. Until full fix i incrased duration for Berssaker one more x2. Thanks for reports!
  8. Im undertund, but it should be checked alsp on Master Level, With auto revovering AG option + AG boost Aura (buff from x shop)... I can make Darkness will working longer... Darkness shoul wroking two times longer tigt now, please check. @Dyaeblcan you check it also? Thanks!
  9. [FIX] If enyone have problems with Switch mode close client, please download patch 2.0 from our webiste. LINK to download: http://arena.mu-loc.com/downloads [Starter pack] Added Panda Pet and Panda Ring for 12hours for each new one character! [Spots] Spots revamped: 3/4 mobs on spot increased to 4/5/6 Spots location will be added to MiniMap ,,Tab`` (in progress, plannig fininh today, now only devias added for test.) [Evetnts Rewards] Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Illusion Temple, Double Goer, Devil Square: Minior Box reward now will be send to GremoryCase press ,,K'' to check your reward. [Drop] Small missconfig fixes. Icreased jewels and medal drop. Medals now giving bigger chance for drop +7 items!! Increased Piece Card and Sumoning Piece Scroll drop Small changes in Moss gambler drop. [Thief of Points Event] PK status should will be cleaning after event finish. [Survival Event] PK status should will be cleaning after event finish. [Moss Event update] Moss will arrive during these hours: (Server time) 1 AM 2 AM 3 AM 4 AM 5 AM 6 AM 7 AM 8 AM 9 AM 10 AM 11 AM 12 AM 13 PM 14 PM 15 PM 16 PM 17 PM 18 PM 19 PM 20 PM 21 PM 22 PM 23 PM It will disappear after 10 minutes [Connetion Limit/Offline Attack] IP connection decrased from 10 to 5 accounts Offlevel mode - incrased time : Non VIP users: 4h hours to 12 hours Vip users: 8 hours to 24 hours [CASH SHOP UPDATE] We redution prices for Exp Boosters: Talisman of Ascension III 1 Days from 399 CC to 99 CC Talisman of Ascension III 3 Days from 1199 CC to 299 CC Talisman of Ascension III 7 Days from 2799 CC to 699 CC Talisman of Ascension II 1 Days from 199 CC to 49 CC Talisman of Ascension II 3 Days from 599 CC to 149 CC Talisman of Ascension II 7 Days from 1399 CC to 349 CC Talisman of Ascension I 1 Days from 99 CC to 24 CC Talisman of Ascension I 3 Days from 199 CC to 49 CC Talisman of Ascension I 7 Days from 699 CC to 169 CC Bless of Light (Greater) 1 pcs from 99 CC to 24 CC Bless of Light (Greater) 10 pcs from 999 CC to 239 CC To see new prices: close and open client via Launcher! [VIP settings updated] LINK: [REFFERAL SYSTEM Updated] You can generate a personalized link and share it with your colleagues. When they register with your link, they link their account to yours. BENEFITS If your person will make 600 lvl ingame you will recive free 350 Chaos Coins Where is your personal link https://prnt.sc/v12ls3 https://prnt.sc/v12m3m BE AWARE! Players who get caught abusing this system for your own advantage will get banned!
  10. Dear Mutizens! Thanks to all of you, our Grand opening was successful! Our goal now is to spread the word of the Land of Chaos further! We want to bring likeminded people together, and hopefully grow into one of the greatest communities in the Mu Online genre. In order to do this, we want to reward you, the player. If /we/ succeed, we want /you/ to grow together with us! Hence; introducing "Community Goals" A reward system that; rewards /YOU/ the player by helping us grow at the same time. So... we are glad to introduce our new upcoming Community Goal system, the list below will expand as we come up with new interesting ideas. List below: ✔️GOAL: 100 Online players: Drop +10% and 10% EXP for 7 days for Everyone Unlock Giveaway on our discord with prizes: 10 Codes 200 Chaos Coins 10 Codes 300 Goblin Points 5 x 7 day VIP ✔️GOAL: 150 Online players: Drop +15% and 15% EXP for 7 days for Everyone Unlock Giveaway on our discord with prizes: 15 Codes 200 Chaos Coins 15 Codes 300 Goblin Points 10 x 7 days VIP ✔️GOAL: 50 Registered Accounts by Reflinks & 50 Registered Accounts on Forum: +15% EXP for 7 days for Everyone! Unlock Giveaway on our discord with prizes: 5 Codes 200 Chaos Coins 5 Codes 300 Goblin Points 5x 3 days VIP Also! List will be continuously updated.
  11. Noted. I will checking it thanks for report.
  12. Will check, depends but we will try fix in futere. Thanks!
  13. @MineralsDownload patch 0.2 from our web: http://arena.mu-loc.com/downloads Problem will be solved.
  14. /post updated [Game VIP subscription] EXP: + 20% Item Drop: +5% --> 10% Money Drop: +5% SoulSuccessRate: + 5% --> 10% LifeSuccessRate: + 5% --> 10% HarmonySuccessRate: + 5% --> 10% Plus Item Level 10-15 Mix: +5% --> 10% Pet Mix: +5% --> 10% PentagramJewelMix: +5% --> 10% Additional storage +1 : /open 1 - open additional storage /ware 1 - change storage for additional Custom Attack Offline: Max Time Limit: 8h (normal acc 4h) /offlevel - command
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