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Changelog v. 1.3

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  • Mount hitbox.
  • Pentagrams bonus options.


Fixed value for RF skill: Spirit Hook (

(Vit RF type, Ruud Skill)


Mini Bosses added to drop list:

Bless of Light (Low Grade) to:

  • Ice Quuen 
  • Gorgon
  • Barlog
  • Hydra

Bless of Light (Low Grade) & Bless of Light (Middle Grade) to:

  • Zaikan
  • Hero Mutant
  • Omega Wing
  • Axl Hero
  • Gigas Golem
  • Zombie Fighter (hero)
  • Resurrected Gladiator (hero)
  • Ash Slaughterer (hero)
  • Cruel Blood Assassin (hero)
  • Ruthless Lava Giant (hero)

Bless of Light (Greater) to:

  • Deep Dungeon Gorgon

Change in drop form Elemental Capsule :

(drop in Acheron Guardian Event)

  • Erttels (All types)
  • Elemental Powder (2~15)
  • Elemental Rune (2~5)
  • Blessing of Spirit x1
  • Expansion Scroll Radiance
  • Ancient Icarus Scroll
  • Empire Guardians' Strongh
  • Kundun's Magic Spell Scro
  • Kundun's Madness Blade
  • Arca's Prophecy
  • Antonia's Sword

[Gold/Silver Medals]

  • Now possible drop items +7


[Card Piece ] 

  • Drop incrased


[Bosses Nix, Ferea, God of Darkness]

Added to drop:

  • Shiny Earring Box (Left) 
  • Shiny Earring Box (Right)



[Boss God of Darkness] (very low chance)

Added to drop:

  • Ghost Horse Capsule



Added ,,Lost Guard Event''

Prize: 2 Goblin Points

Event will be hosting by Game Masters/Admins


Survival Event prizes Incrased:

  • 1st place, from 3GP to 5 GP
  • 2nd place, from 2GP to 3 GP
  • 2rd place, from 1GP to 2 GP

Thief Of Points Event prize incrased:

  • 1st place, from 5GP to 10 GP



Added Global Notice for Marry System

Changed fonts size for all Global Notices


[Starter Pack]


  • Guardian Angel 1 Day
  •  HP and Mana potions
  • Wizard's Ring 1 Day
  • Ruby Necklace 1 Day
  • Worn Horseshoe 1 Day


[Cash Shop]

Added for Goblin Points:

  • Lethal Wizard's Ring
  • Sapphire Ring     
  • Ruby Ring            
  • Topaz Ring"          
  • Amethyst Ring   
  • Ruby Necklace    
  • Emerald Necklace 
  • Sapphire Necklace  
  • Seal of Wealth     




  • Nix - Elemenatal  def/dmg decrased   
  • Core Maggrify - Elemenatal  def/dmg decrased   


[NPC Shops]

Small changes is shops:

  • Lorencia
  • Devias
  • Elbeland
  • Noria    


Best regards,

LOC Team


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