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Community goals!

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Dear Mutizens!

Thanks to all of you, our Grand opening was successful! 

Our goal now is to spread the word of the Land of Chaos further! We want to bring likeminded people together, and hopefully grow into one of the greatest communities in the Mu Online genre.

In order to do this, we want to reward you, the player. If /we/ succeed, we want /you/ to grow together with us! Hence; introducing "Community Goals" A reward system that; rewards /YOU/ the player by helping us grow at the same time.

So... we are glad to introduce our new upcoming Community Goal system, the list below will expand as we come up with new interesting ideas.

List below:

✔️GOAL: 100 Online players:

Drop +10% and 10% EXP for 7 days for Everyone

Unlock Giveaway on our discord with prizes: 

10 Codes 200 Chaos Coins
10 Codes 300 Goblin Points
5 x 7 day VIP 

✔️GOAL: 150 Online players:

Drop +15% and 15% EXP  for 7 days for Everyone

Unlock Giveaway on our discord with prizes: 

15 Codes 200 Chaos Coins
15 Codes 300 Goblin Points
10 x 7 days VIP 

✔️GOAL: 50 Registered Accounts by Reflinks & 50 Registered Accounts on Forum:

+15% EXP for 7 days for Everyone!

Unlock Giveaway on our discord with prizes: 

5 Codes 200 Chaos Coins
5 Codes 300 Goblin Points
5x 3 days VIP 

List will be continuously updated.

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