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Make Your Guild

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here's info about "Make Your Guild" Benefits
Limited time event for all new and existing guilds!

Dear all,

we want to announce new event which goal is too make active guilds on Land of Chaos.
Event is limited but the benefits are first class.

What are the benefits?

✔️If you meet all the requirements then as Guild you will get:

- Up to 5000 Chaos Coins per Guild (500 Chaos Coins per players)
- Up to 5000 Goblin Points per Guild (500 Goblin Points per player)
- 7 day VIP Tickets for each member (up to 10 tickets per guild)

✔️Requirements to obtain the benefit:

- You need apply into event on our Discord on #guild-boost-event channel as Guild Leader
- Just type the guild name and date when guild was/will be created
- You need to have at least 10 active guild members
- Requirements will be meet if each of players will gain 400 lvl. (min. 10 players)
- When you reach the goal, DM one of the @Administrator with your guild members logins

So, what to wait for. Hop in and enjoy the PVP with us!

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